Óc Nho

A VINO in diaspora

*VINO: Vietnamese In Name Only

The adventure has just begun

I spend my childhood in a remote rural of Vietnam where life was quiet and simple. I had been always curious about the outside world. I wanted to see a real telephone, airplanes, computers, Christmas, snow, … things that I only knew from books.

My life took a completely different route when I left home for a nearby town at the age of 15. I was on my own, I was in the good hands of the people I had never met. Since then, I’ve never lived in the same town/city for more than 5 years. I enjoyed it so much. I saw many new things, met many amazing people all around the globe.

At one point, I felt tired of this constantly changing life. Wouldn’t it be nice to get back pursuing the “Vietnamese dream”: a quiet, risk-free life with family and relatives?

It took me a while to realize that it was a mistake. My conscious effort to settle down couldn’t win the subconscious curiosity, but the otherwise. Why struggle to sit back when this beautiful world has so much to offer? Once I submitted to my wandering destiny, I found coherence and peace.

I settle in an evolving life and find security in new adventures.